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Eligibility to compete

Chicago Fetish Weekend contestants are encouraged to get to know the judges and interact with them. However, contestants shall be prohibited from having private meetings or engaging in sexual activity or scene play with the judges prior to the announcement of the results. To avoid accidental violation of this policy, and possible removal from the contest, all contestants and judges should display their identification badges at all times.

All bodies, colors, ethnicities, gender identities & expressions, sexual identities & orientations, abilities/disabilities are welcome to compete.

Chicago Leather Ambassador

Midwest Rubber

What happens if I win?


Chicago Leather Ambassador

Midwest Rubber

How will I be scored? 

Both contests will be scored according to the following criteria:

Judges Interviews [200 points]

Presentation [100 points]

On-stage question [100 points]

Fantasy [100 points]

Audience Participation [50 points]

*In the event of any dispute/tie regarding the tallying of the contest, CFW producers shall make the final determination of the winner.

Complete the APplication!

You can complete the application for either contest here: Chicago Fetish Weekend Application 

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