Our Mission & Vision

MISSION: To showcase and celebrate Chicago's vibrant and diverse fetish community. 

VISION: We strive to cultivate a space and inclusive environment and contest where all feel valued, supported, and empowered to be their authentic selves

Our Staff

2024 Staff: Joe "Chicago Rubber" [they/them] , George White [he/him], Justin "Lecter" [they/them], Mixtress Polaris [they/fae], Daniel "Lil Daddy Bear" [he/him]

2023 Staff: Joe "Chicago Rubber" [they/them] , George White [he/him], Justin "Lecter" [they/them], Dennis [he/him]

Our history

Chicago Fetish Weekend was born out of the idea that our titles should be community owned and open to all.

In 2022 the Chicago Rubber Club was planning on launching a gender inclusive rubber title in 2023. An impromput meeting between Joe & George led to the idea of something bigger.

While Chicago has several international contests, there wasn't yet a weekend that celebrated Chicago's beautiful and diverse community. This weekend is a love-letter to that community.